Good Question

From Old Coot, on Charlie Rangel getting a pass:

Where’s Last Liberal Standing on this? I’m guessing he must be waiting for his talking points from Kos.

As I’ve confessed here before, LLS, I respect your opinions, much as I disagree with them. But I am curious – what do you think should have been done with Rangel? And no, this isn’t a challenge – I’m quite sincere in my respect for you, which is all the more reason to ask what an intelligent liberal (and I, for one, do not necessarily consider that an oxymoron) thinks should have been done – forget his party – if need be, assume he’s a Republican. Any thoughts?


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5 responses to “Good Question

  1. Demmerkrat Patriot

    Censure and loss of all Committee Chairs. And if I was really in charge, I’d force him to man the voter registration office in, say, Alaska? Maybe even Wasilla ….

  2. Retired IB'er

    Rangel is the poster boy for term limits.

  3. Anonymous

    Yes, Retired IB’er, term limits should be on the table. It was a big deal a few years ago, but now the pols seem to have buried it. Bloomberg even easily got around one of the few term limits laws that actually passed.

    Unlimited terms is definitely the problem with pols who, although maybe well-meaning at the beginning of their careers, feel entitled as the years go on and their office becomes a sinecure, as was the case with Rangel, Dodd and many others.

    Why aren’t we hearing more about term limits proposals from candidates running in this November’s elections?

    Why don’t we hear Blumenthal or Linda addressing this? Could it be that they both want to get into that exclusive club and stay there forever?

    Of course it is.

  4. Prelims: 1. Welcome back, Chris. Those four days of ForWhatIt’sWorthlessness were excruciating. 2. Old Coot clearly implies that my opinions are handed to me by liberal bastions. Though it might be comforting for OC to believe such a thing, it’s not true. 3. It should be clear from previous comments I’ve made that I detest corruption and feel crummy when anyone–left, right, center–lapses into slimy conduct.

    Main event: I don’t know the details of Rangel’s misdeeds. But if he’s guilty as charged, and I strongly suspect he is, I want him out. And he should be publicly condemned.

    Clear enough?

    Follow-up: My response to such scandals may differ from RW responses on two counts. 1. I prefer to wait for more information, rather than jump on the very first bandwagon of hecklers and overly certain condemnifiers. 2. I’m not delighted by the discovery that yet another scumbag–left, right, center–has been operating in our midst. C’mon, now, you’re really happy about Rangel, aren’t you?

  5. Old Coot

    Am I happy that the R’s tend to toss their crooks into the rubbish very quickly? Yes! Am I surprised that yet another crook with an L behind his name is protected and embraced by his peers (and will soon be feted by them at a birthday bash)? No, not surprised…same old, same old for the left.

    And of course, we’ll want to wait and see on Maxine Waters, just like we waited to see on Chris Dodd. Anyone holding their breath waiting for Granny Pelosi to keep her promise about draining the swamp?

    Me, I’m waiting for November.