Hmm – so what will the House Ethics folks do with a powerless black?

Mad Max

Maxine Waters, acknowledged by all Washington observers to be the dumbest, most ignorant representative presently serving in Congress, is being investigated for trying to get the federales to save her husband’s crooked bank. Does she scoot, like Charlie Rangel or will she be a whacked as an example that, by golly, Pelosi is going to drain the swamp? I’m betting on the latter but then, I’m a bit cynical.


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6 responses to “Hmm – so what will the House Ethics folks do with a powerless black?

  1. Anonymous

    Will these investigations rally black voters to vote in the mid term election? Timing seems a bit odd

  2. Daniel

    Her district will reelect her. Try talking to them. Doesn’t work.

  3. Anonymous

    Our reps have been such as Chris Shays and (shudder!) Jim Himes. Could anyone imagine even in his wildest dreams a dumbbell like Maxine Waters getting even a chance at a seat in our district? No, thank God! Maxine must be stoking the Waters in her district with some stupidity inducing chemical. That’s the only explanation for her continual reelection.

  4. Mogadishu is probably nicer than Waters’ congressional district.

  5. aliprowl

    Maxine Waters should be mercifully put to sleep, no question. As in, take her to the vet. But, ahem, you Nutmeggers have to answer for Chris Dodd, so not sure you should be throwing too many stones….you did re-elect that ass numerous times, did you not?