Scusie’s Dish

This is just so sad. Harry Connick Jr. and his father seen in Greenwich scratching lottery tickets, desperately seeking cash.

Harry Connick Jr. and pere, 3rd and 4th from left

Even worse, former Riverside resident and Antiques Road Show hostess whatshername was spotted fighting it out over a commode at an antique show in Milford.


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4 responses to “Scusie’s Dish

  1. Walt

    Me thinks, verily, as I sit here pondering what is up, I wonder if both of us scribes have run their course. Perhaps, dear reader, it is time to say adious? Goodbye? Sayonara?

    All good things must end, correct?

    Who will miss Fake Walt, aka Hiram, aka Pierre Douch bag, aka Chief Satchem, aka Priapus, and a few others I forget. No one!! Certainly not me. Hiram is, and was, a proof and post copy boy, and a douche bag, who never had an original thought in his life. You know I am right.

    And Retired IB’er? He thought because he was an IB’er we would all be impressed. Typical Greenwich. He thinks his shit doesn’t stink, and he is smarter than everyone else. But his shit does stink, and I know it. Plus I was honest enough to tell him so.

    Cos Cobber? I like him/her. And it isn’t my fault he/she lives in Cos Cob. That is their problem, not mine. So they need to deal with it.

    EOS is pretty cool. I dig her/him. Ms. McBeal? Watch that one Dude. Trust me on this.

    Anyhows, I hope all is well by you, and you get your shit together and start blogging again. Not that you are good at it, but I think you find it therpu…theraputt.. I think you find it relaxing.

    Your Pal,

  2. Earth Ocean Sky

    You can’t say adios-goodbye-sayonara yet. We’ll want an inside-prison point-of-view and updates on where the wife and children escaped to. Plus, you are the ONLY one who can sass-back CF and get away with it. Hang in there. Chris is going to Italy this fall for a rerun of the Then There’s Maud show….THAT should improve his outlook…and clear up the acne.🙂

  3. Cos Cobber

    Walt, I’m enrolled in the Cos Cob fresh air fund for Cos Cobbers seeking relief from their Cos Cobbiness. Maybe you’d like to sponsor me and my family for a week of R&R at your back country residence. We have our collared shirts ready (collars up!), so we won’t be a total embarrassment.