Here’s an interesting gamble on Perryridge

18 Perryridge


The spec builder who put this place up on 0.18 acre (and how he got 5,300 that zone mystifies me) originally listed it for $4.650 million and today dropped it to $4.495. It looks like a nice house but Perryridge, aside from the ambulance sirens and hospital traffic, has always been a nice little street of modest homes. The record sales price achieved at the height of the market in 2007, was $2.1 and everything else has sold for far less than that.  

So who’s going to pay $4.5 for a house here? Not I, but maybe some neurosurgeon with more cash than brains.


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11 responses to “Here’s an interesting gamble on Perryridge

  1. Cos Cobber

    Final selling price….$2.85 and wont be met for years.

    Interior piping needs to be made of solid gold to push pricing on this street above $3 million.

  2. One of these houses is not like the others.

    The strangeness of the Greenwich Floor Area Ratio combined with Grade Plane Regulations produce this wacky result in the R-7 zone. The concept of a grade plane leads to bizarre results when applied to sloped sites. The rule must have been devised by flat-landers, because it assumes houses are built on the plane rather than the plain (or even rolling glaciated-till topography.)

    It requires construction of large retaining walls, even a Greek Temple Mount Platform, to re-establish flat land within 11 feet of the house perimeter.

    We are accepting new nominations for the video tour Hall of Shame examples. This works to destroy the character of the neighborhood in rolling or sloping land. Flat-landers need not apply.

  3. Cobra

    Off topic, but related to real estate:

    Chris…do you know if any honest, “tell it like it really is” realtors in Brooklyn? A friend currently renting in Brooklyn is strongly considering buying a brownstone, but has found the realtors there with whom he’s dealt thus far to be, in his words, “rather shady.”

    Put another way, do you know of a Fountain-type realtor in Brooklyn?

  4. Krazy Kat

    Given what I just listed my house for, anything in the 4s for that is wishful thinking.

  5. So Greenwich

    Over $4MM….hello? Not even 2 would do.

  6. Corvino- the bigger gambler on Perryridge

    At 1.2 million dollar a year salary, this gambler Corvino (CEO of Greenwich Hospital) should hope he doesn’t have to show his hand any time soon.

  7. towny

    there should be an investigation

  8. Cos Cobber

    yesterday you said some of the recent closings were not of interest. i think the renovated ranch at 8 Dandy Drive fetching $1.3MM is rather note worthy. same with 57 Sundance, another ranch, selling for something around $1.1MM.

    both homes are very clean, tidy and tastefully renovated and both are in Cos Cob. looks like the pair of them put a bit of a pricing floor new construction of like sized homes which seems to be settling in between 1.4 and 1.9 for like locations. they also seem to help fill in the middle ground (which seemingly dissappeared over the past decade) between building lot (500 to 900k)and new construction.

  9. Anonymous

    STUPID BUILDER!! He deserves to loose his shirt!!