Sales prices disclosed

A couple of July contracts have closed and we now know what they sold for. 

21 Byfield Lane


21 Byfield, listed for $3.995 in February, 2008, sold for $2.650. Assessment, $2.1 

45 Lake Drive South


In Riverside, this house came on in April asking $2.4 million and sold for $1.995. (Assessment $1.524) I think the sellers were wise to grab the money and run – why wait two more years to see if the market gets better?


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3 responses to “Sales prices disclosed

  1. out looking in

    21 Byfield’s backyard was a pond (literally). Supposedly a designers house, but looked tired when I saw it (plus asking $3.3mm “firm” back then). Doesn’t look like the extra 9 months bought em much, hey?

  2. out looking in

    That’s because, no matter what anyone tells you, you are a sharp guy..