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Profile of (maybe) the next senator from Alaska

WSJ has the story of Joe Miller, a Tea Party – supported candidate who appears to have upset Alaska’s current senator – they’re still counting absentee ballots. West Point grad, Yale Law School, Bronze Star veteran of the first Gulf war and an avid hunter. Sounds like my kind of guy.

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Kitchens – a return to inefficient space

As kitchens grow to accommodate socializing, we’re losing the efficiency that once was.


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Paul Allen sues everybody who’s anybody in computers (except Microsoft)

I’m no patent lawyer, so I don’t know o to evaluate this patent suit by Microsoft’s co-founder, Paul Allen. He’s basically claiming patent rights to just about everything on the Internet, which seems like overreaching to me, but who knows? Interesting case though.


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They’ll be back

EPA backs off banning lead bullets. Too close to mid-term elections, apparently.

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Tell us something new

Castro: Osama Bin Laden a U.S. spy. Everyone knows that, just ask Oliver Stone!

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15 Hycliff

From a reader:

I was brought to your blog when googling info on 15 Hycliff Road, and since then have been reading lots of your old posts as well as the new ones. It is really interesting!
I went to see the house yesterday.   I was feeling a bit disappointed to see the leaks everywhere… ceiling, windows, door frames.  Lots of water damage.  Roof deck has to be completely replaced, not sure how much damage to the actual roof.  Of course I am not an inspector or contractor, this is just what we observed.  The owners actually had towels placed around the house to catch drips.   There were also about forty closets, which was a little strange,
Curious what you think about the price, based on having extensive repairs needed?
I don’t mind if you comment on your blog about the information I am giving, just please don’t use my name.

It’s a land deal – forget the house. And as land, it’s well priced. I showed something similar last fall and unfortunately, the parents who would have financed the deal focused on the defects of the house when all we were considering was the land! There must have been other issues at play. But this is a beautiful piece of property and if you want to build anew, a great opportunity.


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How can someone so successful be so dumb?

The view from Jerry Dumas' house

SAC’s Stevie Cohen hosts a Republican fund-raiser at his home on Crown Lane. The linked-to article says that Steve and his pals are switching their allegiance from the Democrats to the Republicans. I understand why Wall Street might have chosen to back what they saw as the winning horse a few years ago, but …duh? I’ve recently re-read  Herman Woulk’s Winds of War and War and Remembrance and Woulk has no sympathy for Germans who claimed they had no idea what Hitler was going to do, because he’d spelled it all out in Mein Kampf.

No, I’m not equating Democrats with Nazis, but rich liberals drive me nuts – who, exactly, did they think was going to be bled to pay for all their airy-fairy do-good schemes? That they’re now squealing like pigs gives me a certain thrill of Schadenfreude. Idiots.


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