More on Earl

Nantucket may get hit. Damn, I miss Alan Sullivan, or SeaBlogger, who died this summer. The only gay, amature weather forecaster writer I knew, who was always spot on. Last year he predicted, in defiance of all the regular weather news outlets, that a wind shear pattern from the west ould keep every hurricane from landing on our coast. He was right, and he’d have a great insight on this storm. I mourn his death, and miss him: may he rest in peace.


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5 responses to “More on Earl

  1. Hu Nhu?

    Brave man, SeaBlogger.

  2. Riverside

    Best weather forecaster in town is: are you ready…. Scott Frantz. No joke – he is an expert pilot and knows his weather cold.

  3. ML

    Best hurricane tracking site: Also provides historical information. Unfortunately, runs on flash and doesnt work on iPhone or my iPad. Chris, I was hesitant to get an iPad until I did. Thought that it was just a big iPhone without the phone. Couldnt have been more wrong. I love it and my wife and 2 year old son steal it all the time. Might have to buy a second one.