This could be a nice year – ender

With higher taxes slated for 2011, Wall Street firms consider paying bonuses early. Go for it fellas – we have houses waiting, and we’ll worry about next year next year.


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5 responses to “This could be a nice year – ender

  1. Kidding??

    great idea – the market is only down 5.5% year to date, trading volumes down 20% on every trading desk.
    I can’t wait for my jelly of the month club bonus

  2. anon

    This article is idiotic. The example they use is a banker who is expecting a $1mm bonus. The problem is, most $1mm bonuses on Wall Street are paid in mostly stock which doesn’t vest for three or four years, so they won’t escape the Obama tax hike. The article also continually references bankers in London – what does that have to do with the Bush tax cuts rolling off (I mean Obama raising taxes)???

    Keep dreaming realtors…

  3. anon

    CF, here’s another point which might give you nightmares. Suppose Wall St. BSD’s get paid in cash before year-end in order to save a little bit on taxes, and they spend that money on Greenwich real estate. Assuming the housing transactions take until next year to close, the realtors will be the ones stuck paying the higher tax rates as long as the realtor is lucky enough to be in a high enough tax bracket to qualify for Obamas tax hike!