Forecast: wet, but no hurricane

Brendan Loy, young lawyer and father, has started “Sullivan’s Travels” in honor of the late Alan Sullivan. He’s a hurricane follower like me, and now reports that Earl is forecast to make a sharp swing right, out to sea. So maybe you can have that outdoor picnic on Monday after all.


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2 responses to “Forecast: wet, but no hurricane

  1. Thanks for the link! For the record, Sullivan’s Travelers isn’t “my” tribute to Alan, but rather a group blog populated by a dedicated core of his “rare readers,” myself included. I’m the resident hurricane buff, but a far less frequent contributor than several others including Ligneus, Ron de Haan and Alan’s partner Tim Murphy.

    I’ve also been cross-posting my Earl updates over at my personal blog, The Living Room Times. Though I tend to post them first at Alan’s place, then copy-and-paste over to LRT.

  2. pulled up in OG

    Walt’s Mustique buddy just kicked the bucket. Unlike cabana boy, “Even my barman ended up a millionaire.”