Fudrucker, Republicans engage with spitballs

The Repubs and Dems have found either free or cheap  election headquarter rents in, where else, Cos Cob, directly across the street from each other. Fudrucker invites the Republicans to visit; the opposition seems disinclined. Hey guys, I share offices with Frankie, and he’s a swell person – politically deluded, but a good man nonetheless. Cross the street, shake his hand and enjoy a cup of coffee – you’ll deplete his budget.


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7 responses to “Fudrucker, Republicans engage with spitballs

  1. Cos Cobber

    I’ll come by to soak up his coffee, but I’ll pass on the kool aid.

  2. Anonymous

    is that the office for getting auto registrations renewed?

  3. ed krumeich

    I have fond memories of the Cos Cobber and its $ .15 hamburgers. I am glad that someone has kept the name alive. Now is there a Clam Box out there?

    • Hi Ed! Yeah, I too remember the Cos Cobber. We used to walk there from Riverside – quite a hike, but those were decent burgers, for the price. My Grandma loved the Clam Box, and would take us there, probably so we could see her fussed over by a staff that still remembered old silent film stars, but what the hey – great food.

  4. Pete

    Ah progress! The Cos Cobber is now a bank and the Clam Box condominiums.

  5. Anonymous

    Then, Clam Box, fried clams, Dolly Madison ice cream: yum!

    Now, same exact site, my dentist’s office, major drilling area: ouch!