Hey – Teri Buhl’s at Forbes

Good for you girl! One day, we have to meet – maybe with Walt!


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9 responses to “Hey – Teri Buhl’s at Forbes

  1. Demmerkrat Patriot

    A prime example of the stupidity and cronyism of the Greenwich Time editors. Hey Greenwich Time editors?

    Remember when you were journalists and not beholden to your advertisers?

    Remember when your morals and integrity protected the citizens by your publishing of the truth? When you would stand behind your reporters and defend them?

    Bygone days in Greenwich, I’m afraid.

  2. pulled up in OG

    Professional editing certainly helps a bit.

  3. Looking for Better Journalism

    Great news!! Looking for more great reporting . Just wish we had better reporting in our papers.

  4. Teri Buhl

    Thanks CF readers. I am going to try restart the great tone and reporting I was doing for Greenwich Time. Just with Forbes great editors and resources. I hope you follow or add me to your rss feed.

    Anyone paying attention to this 4G wireless story. I think Bonderman (TPG) needs to do a respectable deal soon to rebuild his imagine. Inmarsat could be just the right one.
    As far as Falcone trying to bring the US a better 4G wirelss network then the major telecoms – well you’ve got love the fact he’s taking the risk to try to bring us better wireless coverage and even is focusing on getting service to remote areas. Like ski resorts!

  5. HG

    The best all-time quote from Forbes: “From where did this loony idea emerge that a cowlicked midwesterner who buys stock in companies that turn out syrupy fizz water, bland ice milk and lefty newspapers should thus be known as a Value Investor?…Tech will roar back. It will continue its merry dash toward infinite powers at zero cost. It will transform all in its path. Markets may (and just did) correct for overvalue, but they can’t abjure the laws of physics… Bottom line: In such an explosive economy, there will be no safe harbors for traditional ‘value’ stocks.”
    – Richard Karlgaard, Publisher of Forbes Magazine in May 2000

  6. Teri Buhl fan

    This Greenwich Time reader sorely misses your presence. Our loss is Forbes’ gain. I’ll be sure to read your articles and posts, and I hope you’ll check in with us after your first trip on the Highlander!

  7. Walt

    Dude Man –
    It would be my pleasure to dine with you and Ms. McBeal. She can have revenge, served cold. You can eat the crow. I will have the lobster. My only concern is you would spend the whole night staring googly eyed at her, and would need a dribble bib.

    And here is your answer on ethical fish eating:

    Hope this helps.
    Your Pal,

  8. teribuhl

    I will also be writing about Billionaires for Forbes and would love to hear news and tips from this sharp readership. I am sure a few of you have some of them living around the corner from you.