Loughlin Avenue

46 Loughlin

Cos Cobber has been asking about this one. Priced at $1.925 in April, 2009, sold for $1.480 a few days ago.


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5 responses to “Loughlin Avenue

  1. Cos Cobber

    Okay, so I see you have nothing to say about it, fair enough. I thought it fetched a good 150k more than I expected it would. It has no backyard or side yard. Its also in the floodzone, but I believe the foundation has been elevated above the flood plain.

    The same builder has immediately started a twin structure next door.

    • CC, I thought I’d keep silent on this one. Fudrucker voted against the subdivision and lost, 4-1, so I don’t want to appear partisan. I do agree with you that its sales price was a bit of a surprise.

  2. Patrick

    Does anyone know what the inside looked like? The outside looks a bit builder grade and I have to imagine it has no basement given flood regulations. I too was surprised by the price, but in reality there are few new builds, in nice neighborhoods close to the train station in this price range….unless CF can prove me wrong.

    Interesting to note that he paid around $750k for the lot and split it into two. I’m surprised he was able to do this, but at $375k a lot that was a good deal…particularly given the timeframe he bought it (2005 I think?)

  3. Patrick

    Island surveyor – I just looked at the listing and it has a finished basement. How were they able to do that in a flood zone? Any ideas? As I understand the regulation, the basement must be filled with gravel up to the 100 year flood line and the first floor and utilities must be 1 foot above that.

    From the design, it’s clear that they put the first floor up pretty high to meet this requirement, but I didn’t think you could finish a basement.

  4. Cos Cobber

    Patrick, create an account on PrudentialCT.com and then you’ll be able to look through the “sold” properties which is very informative. The MLS for this house has plenty of pictures. Trulia or Realtor.com might have photos as well without the burden of creating an account.