Mustique’s Colin Tennant has died at 83

Pulled Up in Old Greenwich sends along this obituary on Walter Noels’s neighbor. They didn’t get along.


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8 responses to “Mustique’s Colin Tennant has died at 83

  1. not so anonymous

    Lord Glenconner was a very interesting and grand fellow…thanks for the tip, the obit was good reading.

  2. Terrible snobs, small-minded, you know

    Colin Tennant described the Noel’s of Mustique this way. Right on.

  3. Anonymous

    Spent two weeks on this incredible island.I watched Jerry Hall and her children play on the beach…stayed at the Cotton house which was built by this interesting man….there is a picture in the bar of him and a few of his friends partying with Princess Margeret…looks as if he has his hand on her hip which was supposed to be a big no no…did not look as if she minded too much….great Obit…thanks.

  4. It was his idea

    Scabrous obit verging on a big bowl of stupid, but truly epic. Especially loved…. ” Meanwhile he decided to buy land in St Lucia, to which he moved in 1992 with his pet elephant, Bupa”.
    Good stuff.

    Interesting, yet tragic life.

  5. "Noel's are worms":Colin T

    What a great video…I could watch this Colin T over and over again bash the Noel’s…ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS VIDEO HERE.

    Celebrate Colin this week, please CF.

  6. Earthworm

    I love that video too! Makes for great late night entertainment watching those abominable snobs. Nice going, Colin T. , for putting them in their place.

    Monica’s got a serious case of lock jaw and Walt looks like he’s guzzled a few g&t’s.