Not much happening in real estate

I’ll report what does get recorded, but I think this week is being spent by sellers and buyers finishing their vacations and getting kids ready to return to school. The few open houses today were just retreads, and I suspect Thursday’s will be just as limited. Stay tuned, but I’d guess we won’t see much activity until after Labor Day.


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2 responses to “Not much happening in real estate

  1. Retired IB'er

    So the summer selling season as come and went. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being 2007 and 1 hopefully a level none of us every has to go through, what would you rate the summer selling season?

    • Good question, IB’r, and one I’ll have to pull stats on before I answer. Last time I looked, contracts were about the same as 2008, which was dismal (but not as bad as 2009), but prices were down. Let me do some study and I’ll post a more solid answer, soon. Maybe a 6?