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There’s life left in the old U.S. yet

IBM announces new chip that’s 17,000 X faster than its 1970 model. (Well yeah, everything is faster, 40 years on, except me). I’m no techie and thus know nothing about what’s going on out in the tech world, but I find this encouraging. IBM spent $1.5 billion on this technology, and pulled it off. More power to them.


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Just encountered this expression – British?

In an article comparing the Triumph Spitfire to the German Messerschmitt, there’s this:

Finally on the move, however, the Messerschmitt is more fun than a clown on fire. Shrouded in a two-stroke stench that guarantees you’ll only wish to give chase once it has clattered over the horizon, the Tiger biffs along with surprising alacrity, the engine accelerating through various noisome cabin boom points as you approach a respectable 60 mph.

More fun than a clown on fire? Love it.


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Attention, Masters of the Universe

Ferrari 458 Italia, doing its thing

Ferrari recalls all of its 458 Italias. Hey, for $300,000, you should expect to get a little excitement.


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More on our Department of Education

From InstaPundit:


So U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan invited every Education Department employee to attend Rev. Al Sharpton’s Glenn Beck counter-rally. As David Boaz explained in the Examiner, it was a ”highly inappropriate” thing to do, pushing people who are supposed to serve all Americans to support one side of a “political debate.” But that’s just the most obvious problem with Duncan’s weekend doings.

Perhaps just as troubling as his rally-prodding is that Duncan declared education “the civil rights issue of our generation” at Sharpton’s event. This only about a year after helping to kill an education program widely supported by many of the people he and Sharpton insist they want to empower. I’m talking, of course, about Washington, DC’s, Opportunity Scholarship Program, a voucher program that was proven effective. But the heck with success — Duncan and President Obama let the union-hated program die.

The cause for concern, though, doesn’t end there. According to the Examiner, an Education Department spokeswoman tried to gloss over the boss’s out-of-bounds play by suggesting that Sharpton’s rally was but a mere “back-to-school event.” Sound familiar?

Is there a bigger embarrassment for the Administration than Duncan? Well, probably . . . .


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Tropical Depression 9

In case Earl misses us, there’s always this new storm to keep things perky.

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Hurricane Earl

Brendan Loy has a good discussion of the storm’s probable path. Looks like Greenwich and NYC won’t get hit (by hurricane winds, that is – I’m sure we’re n for rain) but Cape Cod s still in the danger zone. And as NOAA points out, only a slight westward shift will render the predicted path “inoperable”.  Fudrucker flies to Nantucket tomorrow to look at a couple of foreclosed properties with an investor. I may have extra office space available as of Friday, if you’re looking.


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Ohio voters long for Bush

Here’s a poll that is probably causing some consternation in Washington.

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