Maybe we duck Earl

Looks like it will track just far enough east to hammer Long Island but spare Greenwich. That’s a fine margin of error, of course.


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5 responses to “Maybe we duck Earl

  1. Greenwich Gal

    I wouldn’t shed too many tears of Long Island got wiped off the map…

  2. out looking in

    oh- this is a brutal place… i was just going to mention that LI was likely to have LESS damage than the Nor’Easter wrought in March, but that would clearly pop GG’s bubble!

    • Well Out Looking, if there weren’t actual human beings in the way of some great storm surge, I’d agree with GG’s wish for the restoration of Long Island. But I could say the same thing about Greenwich.

  3. out looking in

    too tough- I’m back on the south side of Chi-town will my homies and other misguided yutes…