News you can use

It seems that the frozen dessert business, including something called Pinkberry’s, is avoiding Greenwich. Never heard of any of them.


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8 responses to “News you can use

  1. not so anonymous

    There are Pinkberry’s everywhere in Los Angeles..Its frozen yogurt with fruit… Pretty good..

  2. dogwalker

    Wasn’t it a Tasti-D-Lite that had been near the bottom of the Avenue in that lower level store below what had been Chilly Bear? Never went in . . . don’t remember.

    I was surprised Cold Stone Cremery closed. They always seemed busy.

    I heard the gelato place is extremely expensive and the Whole Foods in Darien has great gelato at a more reasonable price.

  3. Kidding??

    another reminder to get out and see the world…

  4. tokenekebozo

    You’re not missing anything. The frozen substance that Pinkberry’s puts in the cup has a godawful sour and unpleasant taste. It is fun to dump fruit and the other stuff they have on top of it, but why pay for that. Go to DQ and save your dough.

  5. LLS 2

    TCBY was at the bottom below chilly bear.

    another reason, Chris, why you should get off the internet (stop sending those stupid chain emails) and off your arse and see what’s happening a mere 30 miles away in the cultural capitol of the USA.

    ps ‘picking fruit’ in northern california is a ruse for smoking pot by the way.