What a time to be single and broke

Russian hotties swarm the Hamptons in search of rich young hedgies in loveless marriages.

"Work you for Goldman Sachs?"


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4 responses to “What a time to be single and broke

  1. It was his idea

    This story has gotten more coverage than sharks and swimmers itch combined.

    Sharks, parasites and hotties. You’ve been warned.

    Happy Labor Day!

  2. burning fred

    its laughable. any schlump can rent a chick magnet car and get lucky. its not confined to the hamptons either. greenwich has its share of the goldigger crowd.

  3. out looking in

    I think only one made it to Quogue and Southampton in July! I didn’t see any more, and am quite bummed…

  4. Fred2

    Ya, baby, I am rich IB’er. No, really.