August, 21010 contracts

We saw 35 homes go to contract last month, with 5 > $5 million (asking). This compares to past years as follows:

2009: 43, 10 > $5 million

2008: 20, 8 > $5 million

2007: 46, 9 > $5 million

2006: 41, 5 > $5 million.

So were ahead of 2008, when Bear Stearns had gone bust and Wall Street was frozen, but I’m not pleased that we’re down from last year, especially in the high end.


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5 responses to “August, 21010 contracts

  1. Kidding Really??

    Obama’s “RECOVERY SUMMER” has been more about HIS FAMILY’S recovery from such an exhausting job and busy social schedule vs better employment, home sales, retail sales, bank lending which is economic recovery for ALL Americans.

    They took 8 vacations I took 3 days off.

  2. Retired IB'er

    I assume “traditional” selling season has gone the way of the do-do bird of late so comparing any one month is problematic across years.

    How about YTD for those years to smooth out any anomolies?

  3. EOS

    Realtors will likely get off the schneid November 7, 2012, the day after we toss Obama out on his ear(s)!

  4. fred in the desert

    Chris; What are the complete $dollar amount$/unit- monthly sales figures for greenwich real estate for say the past 24-36 months?

    You know the numbers are still astounding for such a small town in a ‘recession’ not. I’m guessing $75-80 million in sales for the month of August……….oh jeez, i think i am going to shed a tear.

    Name one other demographic similiar to Greenwich that produces these price to unit ratios? In a reccession yet!