I’ll take the damn hurricane

Just (5:40) outside – the wind is dead, the humidity is awful, and it’s damp, muggy and hot. When will Earl sweep this air out of here?

UPDATE: Any hour now, supposedly. Good picture here of the cold wave that’s been keeping Earl off shore and is due to arrive soon. Looks like Nantucket may only get hit with 45 mph winds, which is a just a day at the beach, compared to what might have been.

UPDATE II:  Why Earl had people concerned just a day ago:


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6 responses to “I’ll take the damn hurricane

  1. out looking in

    Earl’s not sweeping the air out! The cold front from the west will push in and the high pressure will bring in dry air. I have a lot to teach you about weather, my good buddy!

  2. out looking in

    Strange but true- took meteorolgy course at U of C taught by Teddy Fujita (in the flesh). He created the (E)F scale to classify tornado wind strengths..We called him Dr Tornado- he was almost impossible to understand with his accent. He would bring in home movies of flights into hurricane eyes- this back in the mid- 1980s. The eyewall shots were amazing

  3. EOS

    Hubby says it’s a non-event along the RI coast. Some good surfing waves for Kat but that’s about it. He added that it’s early yet, bulk of wind and rain due tonight. Beach club brought in lifeguard chair and all the backboards. Boats hauled out of harbor. Our cupola is a target but it has survived unscathed since 1865 so no worry that wussy little Earl is going to knock her down.

  4. spartacus

    Anytime the main stream news media reports on anything having to do with speculation, they always blow it waaaaay out of porportion. 100’s of thousands of people canceled their end of summer vaction plans because of the bullshit reporting on this huricane.

  5. fred in the desert

    They shoulda come with me to burning man. I got the room.

    Out here its only 110 deg in the shade and sandstorms every few hours. But with all the naked women and the great exstasy and acid floating around, it may just well be worth it. Oops, gotta go. Martians just landed on the roof!