Looks like Earl will miss us

Rain and maybe 20 mph winds and then a beautiful weekend. That’s a relief, if a little disappointing. Nantucket and Cape Cod might still get hit.

Fiona’s being ripped apart by Earl’s shear and Gaston had died.

UPDATE: Ferries and air service to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket will be suspended at noon today so if you’re still up there, hunker down.


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6 responses to “Looks like Earl will miss us

  1. EOS

    This quote on the Vineyard Gazette website made me laugh: “Cape Air issued an advisory. We will not fly in a hurricane.” Well, thank you Cape Air.

    I came back to NY so Hubby on duty as roving EOS photographer. He said lookie-lous are driving down to the beach to see waves (which are decent size already). Pix as I get them.

  2. The President has already declared Mass. a FEMA disaster.

    Don’t know what’s wrong with RI.

  3. Which is to say, don’t worry Cape Cod – FEMA’s on the way.

    Rhode Island – You may have to wait a little longer.

  4. EOS

    I don’t have enough room on this blog to tell you what’s wrong with Rhode Island!!!!

  5. out looking in

    The pigs will never miss a feeding at the trough…disaster- MA and RI were disasters decades ago, both FEMA and NON_FEMA…free street sweepings for the lower cape and fresh sand for the mega-millioniares on the islands!! YEEHAW