What a surprise! NYC and its teachers’ union

"Ain't gotta work on Maggie's farm no more!"

Majority of laid off teachers are taking no steps to find new employment.

A majority of New York City teachers who lost their positions at schools earlier this year have neither applied for another job in the system nor attended any recruitment fairs in recent months, according to data released by the Department of Education Thursday.

How could this be, you ask? Well, there’s this:

New York is the only city in the country where teachers are guaranteed pay for life even when their school closes and they are put out of a permanent job. In Chicago, teachers get a year to find a new job. In Washington, D.C., highly rated teachers get a year or a buyout option, while low-rated teachers are dismissed.


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10 responses to “What a surprise! NYC and its teachers’ union

  1. Gideon Fountain

    Hmmm, so NYC teachers who are “let go” still get paid for life? How wonderful for the taxpayers of New York! Fortunately they have Senator Chuck Schumer looking after their interests by busying himself with really important stuff like baggage fees on Spirit Airlines and ATM fees. What a public servant!

  2. EOS

    Many of those NYC laid-off teachers have crossed over to charter schools, the darlings of hedge fund $. Why put up with the UTF (which should be renamed WTF!) when you an teach in a shining new building with kids who want to learn. Sadly, with the $millions poured into charter schools by private equity, it leaves the public schools in an even worse mess. So I kinda understand why some teachers are staying home to collect. I don’t like it, but I can see their POV.

  3. anon

    The NEA is the most destructive union in the US. The teacher certification process keeps many bright individuals that have real college educations (not degrees in education which attract the least intelligent and least motivated students) from becoming teachers. In NYC, compare the cost of educating a student for one year ($8,000) in the Archdiocese schools to the cost of our public schools ($32,000) and look at the vastly superior results as measured by drop out rates ( almost nil in Catholic schools) and acceptance to college (over 90% of graduating seniors inCatholic high schools ). Dramatic performance improvements would occur almost immedately in our public school systems if the teachers unions are removed and municipalities are allowed to hire qualified individuals without certification. There are many unemployed or underemployed well educated individuals who would love to teach and would willingly sumit to merit based pay, performance reviews and dismissal for unsatisfactory performance – just like the real world.

  4. Fred2

    So you’ve been given a meal ticket for life…why would you look for a new job?


    Does no one realize/care about the implications of crap like this and over-generous pensions?

    Honest to god, if someone in real world management signed off on a contract like that, they’d be A. Fired or B. Hauled off to the asylum, and before the lawyer would be saying ” ARE YOU INSANE?” in a lawyerly fashion, as he/she prepared speed dial to the board of directors for an emergency meeting.

  5. Peg

    “The NEA is the most destructive union in the US.”

    Strong statement by Anon – and tough competition! Not sure if he/she is correct … but surely the NEA is a worthy contender.

    When are people going to get mad as hell and decide that they don’t want to take it anymore? Liberals keep on talking about needing more tax dollars. Seems to me we shouldn’t be spending $10 on something like this – much less hundreds of millions….

  6. pulled up in OG

    Since when was real world management averse to golden parachutes?

  7. Fred2

    Pulled, There’s a big difference between golden parachutes for me, and over generous contracts for thee.

    Seriously, two sides of same medal. In both cases people ought to be fired/replaced/tarred and feathered.

    The management at the US Car companies that allowed their unions to get such benefits, the boards that agree to massive executive compensation, the politicians who sign off on Gov contracts.

    ” A la lanterne, les aristrocrates.”

    aka: Hang them from the street lights.

  8. anon


    Words carefully chosen because our dysfunctional K-12 public educational system needs a radical overhaul if we want to stay competitive in the real world.

  9. Towny

    Duh. The US Car companies management knew they’d never be able to pay em off at the outset. DUH! Management won! Whose on the hook for UAW pensions. DUH. You are!

  10. NYC Teacher

    Absolutely ridiculous. Tenured teachers are certainly not guaranteed “pay for life”– in fact, anyone seeking job security and decent work conditions would run screaming from a typical NYC public school, as anyone who WORKS in one could tell you. The attacks on teacher unions are just dressed-up class warfare: note the “Trailer Trash” photo accompanying this piece of “journalism”.

    Unfortunately, teachers will be portrayed as cigarette-smoking, lazy cat ladies until teachers (including myself)– those with graduate degrees from prestigious universities and with a real passion for education– stand up for ourselves.

    Whoever wrote this, I DARE you, absolutely dare you, to try one day as a NYC public school teacher. Like most TFA pansies, you’ll quit in your first year.