Why doesn’t Campbell Soup sell itself off to Nestle?

Soup sales down. Well of course they are. But the synergy between Nestle’s company, Stouffer’s and Campbell seems obvious to me. Or Campbells should develop their own frozen food line. But if they did that, they’d miss out on Stouffer’s suicide prevention program for purchasers of their single meals.


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2 responses to “Why doesn’t Campbell Soup sell itself off to Nestle?

  1. Old School Grump

    Campbell’s soup sales being down might be a sign that the economy actually is on the mend. I only say that because I remember that at some point in the gut-churning days of Sep and Oct 2008, Campbell’s was highlighted as the only NYSE stock that was up, because the soups qualify as economical comfort food. And I only remember THAT because I had dismissively sold off my mother’s shares in the company six months earlier. Well, lose and learn.

    Does any one know if Campbell Soup still owns Godiva Chocolates? Godiva sales may also tell a story worth paying attention to.

  2. Towny

    CHRIS! The mega question of the century is: Why didnt Microsoft get into the computer business. They manufacture or slap their name on all the pheripheral hardware including zune. Why not towers or laptops. Maybe Mike Dell and Carly are secretly on the Microsoft teat afterall. You should repost this. Maybe Retired Ib’er or Iguana/Inagua have some insight.