7 Dwight Lane

I’m pretty sure this is the house sold at an IRS auction in 2008 to an out-of-town buyer. It’s been fixed up (it needed it) and came on yesterday afternoon at $4.250. Contemporary on five acres off of John Street. We’ll see.


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4 responses to “7 Dwight Lane

  1. Yes, you’re right–it was an IRS sale. Only one bidder, from out of town, met the minimum. It’s a total piece of junk, fixed up or not. Not worth more than $1 million, IMHO, and that’s just for the land, which isn’t all that great. Is P. T. Barnum the agent? Because only the Greater Fool theory could possibly have justify such a ridiculous price.

    PS–have they gotten rid of the pervasive mould smell yet?

  2. Bacteria Bill

    home confinement perhaps

  3. Ooh, a poison pen on your blog, Chris! Fancy that!

    As you and Frank well know, I’ve been working hard to get the new calendar out the door. Front cover features the Tod mansion–you have to turn it upsdie down to find the name of the writer.

    Also, there’s not been very much to inveigh against in Town recently–I wasn’t on vacation, but everyone else seems to be. Labor Day is coming up, and then we’ll see what the ungodly are getting up to–aside from making snide comments on your posts, of course.