Pathetic Patricia Cohen

The former wife of Greenwich’s Steve Cohen, who started out by demanding half of SAC Capital, is now suing one of her former lawyers for $60,000 and has dropped her demand against SAC to $2.75 million. I understand delusional, bitter former wives (from my former legal career, not personal experience) but what lawyer takes a woman like this on as a client?


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3 responses to “Pathetic Patricia Cohen

  1. Anonymous

    It seems that any ridiculous assertion of “loss” can find an attorney willing to offer a 50-50 chance of successful litigation.

    Perhaps we have too many attorneys for the benefit of society, and too few light bulb engineers.

  2. Anonymous

    Character of any business is not far removed from character of its customers, owners and employees

    Much natural self-selection occurs in both life and business

  3. Priapus

    All the good ones are in Washington…fighting for campground rights!