Send a dead CFL to your Congressman, Part II

Return to sender!

I’m a little nervous about mailing off, all by my lonesome, a lightbulb that the DEP has declared a hazardous substance – a few months in jail could be a bummer. But if voters from all over the country sent them to Washington – how about September 30th? – anonymously, we’d shut down the Capitol while hazmat teams ran around like chickens. I’m sending out a link to this suggestion to all my fellow whacko bloggers, in the hope that readers with dead, burned-out CFLs will save them and, after wiping off fingerprints, mail them on the 30th. Here’s where to find the address of your Congressman.


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6 responses to “Send a dead CFL to your Congressman, Part II

  1. EOS

    How about a collection point first, maybe the town firehouse, then hire Newman and Kramer to haul them in a mail truck to Washington?

  2. Phil Grimm

    Just don’t label the outside of the package hazardous waste, the post office won’t take it.

    Here in Bellevue, WA, the city actually collects fluorescents for free and recycles them. (You still have to bring them to the collection center).

  3. EOS

    “I’ve reached out to some powerful bloggers”. Gee, my feelings are hurt. I didn’t get the memo. 🙂

  4. db

    Home depot collects the CFL’s for free in CT also. Drop off any CFL at any Home Depot.

    In 2008, The Home Depot began a collection program for CFLs. Residents can bring any brand of compact fluorescent lamp, regardless of where it was purchased, to any Connecticut Home Depot. IKEA stores also accept CFLs for recycling.

    For Chris, if you want to start a movement, informing the people you are organizing to possibly end up in jail on what could be a serious crime (haven’t checked, but sounds Federal) is a bad idea.

    May want to use that tried and true method of letter writing or in the 21st century, email. I have my abacus at the ready if you need to figure out the number of stamps required. 😉

  5. Walt's Aunt Georgina

    There is no coincidence that GE named the crappy underperforming bulb CFL. ie; Chris Fountain Lightbulb!!