So what’s wrong with this?

From InstaPundit:

HEADLINE OF THE WEEK: Sheriff Fires Deputies Caught Naked In The Forest. As part of a threesome, which led to this memorable line: “No one has been able to say how long U.S. Forest Service Officer Scott Cairnes and Deputy Derek Hamm stood watching the trio.”

Two Washington County Sheriff’s deputies caught drinking and having sex at a U.S. Forest campground are now off the county’s payroll.

Sheriff Ed Graybeal said Tuesday he dismissed Deputies Chris Adkins and Scarlett Dennison from their positions as patrol officers for the sheriff’s office because their conduct was unbecoming of officers, which violated the department’s general orders.

Adkins, 30, and Dennison, 42, paid around $250 each for the citations they received earlier this month from a U.S. Forest Service officer.

The event that led to the firings happened on a Friday night when the deputies were off duty. The U.S. Forest Service office and a Carter County deputy, working off-duty with the forest service at the time, came upon Adkins, Dennison and a third person, Jamie Walsh, 32, of Butler, around 11 p.m. July 30 at Cardens Bluff Campground.

The forest ranger and Carter County deputy were conducting patrols at area federal forest land campgrounds. The Forest Service hires off-duty Carter County deputies to assist them with patrolling those areas.

According to the federal citations charging the three, the forest ranger saw the three at a camp site drinking alcohol in the open and then engaging in sex.

No one has been able to say how long U.S. Forest Service Officer Scott Cairnes and Deputy Derek Hamm stood watching the trio, but in Cairnes’ report he wrote that he saw Dennison and Adkins engage in three sex acts and then Adkins and Walsh began to fondle Dennison.

Cairnes and Hamm made their presence known after the campers were startled by a camper at another site closing a truck door and the three stopped what they were doing.

A 42 year-old woman getting it on with a couple of younger men, off duty? Sounds okay to me, or at least understandable. Not my cup of tea, but heck ….

Too bad she dyed her roots black.


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4 responses to “So what’s wrong with this?

  1. fred in the desert

    Sounds like the washington county sheriff deputies have an excellent case for a wrongful termination suit.

  2. Priapus

    Sounds like Todds point

  3. Greenwich Gal

    I can’t decide which is the bigger crime – the indecent exposure/illicit sex or the hair…