The town gets something right

From brother Gideon, two pictures of progress:



Is this a new trend, or just an isolated improvement?


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10 responses to “The town gets something right

  1. Pike Johnson Redux

    You should report for the Greenwich Time.

    Is That the Greenwich Seal on the side of the box or some other town sponsored entity like green and clean.? When did the Town or some other town sponsored entity decide to get into the retail(?) business? On whose property do those boxes lay?

    The after picture represents about $25K+ worth of installment cost. And who maintains them into the future? The Town?

    Who empties, cleans, maintains and is legaly responsible for the green and clean garbage bins around Town?

  2. just_looking

    yes, but at what cost? And to whom? With unlimited funds all sorts of “progress” can be made. Better to change the regulations and require the “owner” to comply instead of buying it for them.

  3. Fudrucker thinks it’s the Chamber of Commerce paying for the bins, which would mean we taxpayers are not paying for them. Don’t know why the newspapers aren’t footing the bill, though.

  4. Pike Johnson Redux

    Dead? Why I was just having coffee with Bernie Mac this morning. Not fer nothing son, technology has really advanced since my day. Heck, we even got computers up here.

    well, sombody owns the property where the newspaper bins are located and cemented to a newly formed concrete slab……I wonder who?

    Who benefits and at what cost? enquiring minds want to know.

    funny thing about the mind, …the body may go son,…..but the mind travels on ferever.

    keep up the good work Chris….we are proud of you.

  5. Greetings Pike. Miss your column in GT. Glad we’ll be seeing your running commentary down here on FWIW.

    All land is owned by someone or something (or my buddy Chief Sachem reminds me – no one at all.)

    The land under Route 1 was a creation of Colonial Courts under the King’s authority and personal ownership. The King made sure he held a valid Indian Deed of transfer, but our Congress stole it from the King, including the lands under Cos Cob Harbor, on July 14, 1776.

    Since then the former Colony and now State claim ownership to both.

    Would you inquire of Ella Grasso how she let this newspaper box thing stand.

  6. sound beacher

    Since Pike and Bernie Y. are having coffee up there, why don’t they get Renee Anselmo to go after those new paper boxes. You know he’d put an end to the uglies!!

  7. Pike Johnson Redux

    That was Bernie Mac, Sound Beacher. He’s a very funny fellow. Thought I saw Bernie Y and Vic Coudert talking down by the old corral. You’d be amazed at what kind of stuff they have up here.

  8. pulled up in OG

    That green thing ain’t the more accessible memorial?