There goes my weekend

CraigsList blocks sex ads. Maybe Teri and her boyfriend want to go camping?


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6 responses to “There goes my weekend

  1. EOS

    You should be watching the UConn-Michigan football, not surfing Craigslist for “Woman Looking for Realtor/Lawyer” ads.

    What a perfect day weather-wise. If I could bottle this and sell it, I’d be richer than….mmm, you?

  2. Uncle Curly

    “backpage”…..village voice sponsored

  3. Heimreich

    Why would you want Terry’s boyfriend along, Chris? Telling.

  4. Teri Buhl

    I think this is just another example of Blumenthal trying to get in on the tail end of a campaign and claiming credit for shuting down a profitable part of Craiglist business. I am most bothered that they had to give up this adult section because it smells like a clear example of our State trying to use a moral clause to control free markets.

  5. peeps

    Now it will be so much harder to find someone to play naughty nurse and chase the monkey with.