When the going gets tough, the tough get growing

Hedge funder in trouble arrested for operating pot farm in Newtown. From Teri Buhl at Forbes, which still won’t provide the girl with a copyeditor. Good article, though.

UPDATE: More details here.


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7 responses to “When the going gets tough, the tough get growing

  1. Walt

    Dudester –
    Now listen up. I know Ms. McBeal makes your pants tight, and gets your panties all in a knot. I understand that.

    And I don’t know the squeeze, and I wish her all the best, but it is not a copy editor she needs. She needs to learn how to write.

    Her stories are great. Maybe she should just hire that ass wipe Hiram? She tells him the scoop, and he can write it in a gramatically correct, totally boring way? He is good at that. That moron.

    Or better yet, give Ms. McBeal my contact data, and I will write her stories in an understandable way that folks understand.

    And don’t worry Dude. I have no desire to pop her. That is your job.

    Your Pal,

  2. schmatz

    I like their style.
    They purchase a 6000 sq ft home on 5 acres for $1.2m then:

    -Received a $50K grant from the state to convert a part of the property into a goat farm.

    -Get the property listed on the tax rolls as a working farm.

    -Hence it is a working pot farm.

  3. Teri Buhl

    I thought it was one of your best headlines also Chris.
    My big question is how did they get this grant. Did anyone from CT gov come out and inspect the farm that is in a high-end resi part of Newtown before they gave the grant? Does 5 acres = a farm?

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    The headline didn’t suck. As far as you go, it’s a Pulitzer.

    Here is how I would have bannered it:

    Why grow a hedge when you can mow the grass?
    Hedge Fund Hottie Gets Bush Trimmed
    Newtown Hedgies busted for grass, may take it in the (_._).

    If I actually try, I can probably do better. But you had me all freaked out over Earl, so now I need to go return all this survivalist crap to Home Depot. You load.
    Your pal,

  5. EOS

    You are obviously not a seasoned hurricaneista. Forget Home Depot. The only essential before a storm is to make a half-dozen extra trays of ice. Even if the power does go out, a tall cold G&T is always at hand. You have so much to learn.