Wind is still out of the west

(11:00 PM). Good thing for the Martha’s Vineyard racers, who will need approximately 20 hours to get up there and 20 more hours to return.  A decent trimaran could accomplish the entire 300 mile journey in 15 or 20 hours, but they’re banned from racing. Ridiculous.


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10 responses to “Wind is still out of the west

  1. horse jock

    Agreed. I think the future has come and gone.

  2. EOS

    Is there software or technology used today to real- time track a boat in a race? NY Marathon runners wear chips in sneakers and can be followed by friends with specialized software.

  3. EOS

    I can understand your logic in a long race, like Newport to Bermuda, but for something as short as Stamford to MVY, the top competitors likely have a visual on each other, yes? The chip-tracking would enable the landlubbers (that would be me) to follow a particular boat….. but not a sailor, I’ll defer to your sensibilities on this subject (but only this subject!)

  4. The Duke of Deception

    Tragedy off Fishers Isand…

    The dead man was hit in the head by the boom and thrown in the water. Fishers Island Sea Stretcher got him to the hospital in New London but he never had a chance.

    Only 40 of the 140 registered boats showed up and a lot of people are questioning the wisdom of having any race at all.

    • I skippered a boat on that race, years ago, and barely missed ramming another boat (I did have the right of way). Didn’t lose any crew, which was good, because my family and the boat owner’s comprised same, but I do know the danger of booms. I’m sorry.

  5. sound beacher

    There is a tracking system you can access from the Vineyard race website…

    Click on Kattack Race Tracking and follow the prompts to get a map with the location of each boat in “roughly” real time. Most boats are in by now.

  6. EOS

    That’s exactly what I meant, sound beacher. thanks!

  7. sound beacher

    I do not know if mult-hulls were permitted in past years, but I noticed on the race sheet that Race Start 3 has a separate class for multi-hulls with 5 boats entered. By the descriptions at least 4 of the 5 are trimarans. Check it out.

  8. Cos Cobber

    that tracking website is really cool.