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Greenwich Avenue Post office officially for sale

It was announced months ago, of course, but Cushman Wakefield says it’s official now. I wonder what will become of it? The town can’t afford to buy it and it won’t make much of a residence. It would be awful if it were disappeared.


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One man with a briefcase can steal more than ten men with guns

WSJ: Law firm hourly rates rose as economy tanked.

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Should General Petraeus have spoken out on the planned Koran burning?

I say yes, but The Christian Science Monitor has an interesting article on the free speech arguments, pro and con, if this sort of stuff interests you.


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Maybe Lori Berenson will finally be freed

Peru’s President acknowledges that she’s no longer a threat, is inclined to commute her sentence. Berenson, you may remember, was that idiot New Yorker who went to Peru, joined the Shining Path guerrillas  and spent 15 years in a cold, desolate mountain-top prison. Paroled, she was recently returned to jail. Hey – she didn’t kill John Lennon, or anything.

LIMA, Peru (AP) – President Alan Garcia says he doesn’t consider Lori Berenson a threat to Peru, suggesting he may be inclined to commute the New Yorker’s accomplice-to-terrorism sentence so she can go home.

A three-judge panel returned the 40-year-old Berenson and her toddler son to prison on Aug. 18 after prosecutors objected to her May parole, calling her a danger to society.

Garcia said in an interview with CNN broadcast Tuesday night that while he understands many Peruvians feel Berenson should complete her 20-year term, he personally has sympathy for the activist and her 16-month-old son, Salvador.

“How much can Peru really fear a woman who spent 15 years in prison?” Garcia said. “She has a little boy, and that moves me a lot.”

She “is not a threat to Peru. That’s over. It’s part of the past,” he added.


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Well Ma and I refused to hire him after Bobby called

New York Magazine: Lawsuit claims Robert De Niro ruined his manager’s reputation with rich people.

Michael Thompson, the former property manager at Robert De Niro’s 235-acre upstate estate, is suing the trust that owns it, claiming he was illegally fired over untrue accusations that he blew off his duties and took kickbacks from vendors. Thompson charges that one of De Niro’s underlings smeared his reputation throughout the “domestic estate management field.” The alleged defamation, says Thompson, cost him a job with billionaire George Soros’s eldest son, as well as other potential jobs with the landed gentry of Greenwich, Connecticut, and Grand Rapids, Michigan. [NYP]

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I don’t know this person, but I love the last charge

“Jersey Shore” star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, appeared in a Seaside Heights, New Jersey, courtroom on Wednesday to face misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct, creating a nuisance and being criminally annoying.


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Rabid coyote

Rye Brook animal was rabid.


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Google gets better, again

Instant search results. Ain’t competition grand?


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A marriage made in heaven

Wife-beating newlywed to divorce lying spouse. That, or they’ll buy a trailer home and live happily ever after.

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