Gas line explosion


Funny ha-ha: Greenwich has a number of these things and only a few months ago a client asked about the possibility of one blowing up. I told them I’d heard of such events but they were very rare. Judging from what happens when one does go up, I believe I was too sanguine.


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  1. Anonymous

    Clearly all those taxes used for union payoffs and lavishly paid gvt inspectors and regulators are doing nothing to improve aging, dangerous roads, gas lines, etc

  2. The Tenneco Pipeline crossing Greenwich is Texas to Boston bound – 36 inches in diameter, and 750 pounds per square inch. From King and Glenville to Stanwich and Carrington, cross-country.

    We had an incident in New Jersey a number of years ago where a backhoe struck the line, with similar results to what you picture.

    It is a very, very big fireball, with a very deep hole.

  3. Cos Cobber

    In the ukraine, they steal from such pipelines…

  4. Why do you think Tenneco kept the line out of Cos Cob? 😉

    Of course, 750 psi makes it a little hard to tap into. It’s not like stealing cable.

  5. In a more serious vien, the extraction and transport of all carbon based energy is inherently dangerous and wasteful.

    That’s why you need Green Witch Power Authority’s licensed cold-fusion power pod.

    Runs on 3 oz of seawater refined for the Deuterium-Tritium (D-T) Reaction process.

  6. From the link:

    One gallon of sea water has the energy content of 300 gallons of gasoline. Tritium, on the other hand, is radioactive, with a half-life of 12.3 years; therefore tritium does not last long enough to acquire in significant amounts naturally. Fortunately, both problems are solved by using the neutron in another reaction like this:

    6Li + n 4He + T
    The lithium absorbs the neutron and generates a tritium while releasing a bit more energy in the process. There is plenty of lithium available in nature.

    (From Evo Morales, President of the Republic of Bolivia: Ha, Ha – – In Bolivia and in your dreams!)

  7. towny

    Why we have low pressure at peak demand when there is a 750 psi main train running thru town.

  8. Because Conn. Natural Gas is not Tenneco.

    And might I point out that our Selectmen, minus the energy-trading Peter Crumbine, voted to condemn the offshore transfer station known as Broadwaters, 11 miles distant from the nearest land. Even if we lived in Branford, we couldn’t see it most days (except in case of explosion.)

    So like CL&P putting us last on the list, Greenwich is due for a little utilities punishment when the chips are down.

    I’m going with solar/geo-thermal until the cold-fusion pods are ready.

  9. Memo from President Hamid Karzai:

    Please note, Evo, Bolivia used to lock up the world supply of lithium.

    But the CIA let President Obama in on the secret: “We’ve got the rest.”

  10. towny


    cl+p will pay for cfl.
    cng will pay for #2oil