Horse meat: it’s what’s for dinner!

National Velveeta

Horse meat is back on the menu in Scotland after protests ebb. Readers with a long memory may recall when a horse meat store opened up at the A&P shopping center in the late sixties, early seventies. What a hue and cry! My father observed that while the Anglo-Saxons worshipped the horse, the French did not. So we don’t eat horse in England and its colonies while the French are free to chow down.


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10 responses to “Horse meat: it’s what’s for dinner!

  1. Cobra

    I certainly remember the horse meat market at the Thuway Shopping Center. In the early ’70’s I purchased all sorts of cuts from that fine emporium before picketing by local horse lovers contributed to its demise. Great taste and very lean. I often served horse meat burgers and steaks to guests at our backyard BBQ’s but never initially revealed the source of the main course. At the conclusion of some meals, I revealed the specific species of mammal they had just enthusiastically consumed, causing a few attendees to gag involuntarily, but with no projectile vomiting, as I recall. Lots of fun.

  2. Anonymous

    I would eat horse regularly in Italy. The Italians always got a kick out of an American eating it (and smoking and drinking at lunch and other things we are rumored never do) and I got a kick out of telling my Anglo friends of these “gross” culinary feats. Never really loved the taste- it is kind of gray, if that makes sense.

  3. db

    When in Hong Kong, went out for dinner at a small Chinese place with some friends that lived there. On the menu was “House” meat, which looked interesting. When the waiter came by and took our order, he had a heavy accent and kept saying something I couldn’t make out. My friends finally figured it out, laughing, the menu had a typo… was “Horse” meat.

    I changed my order. Friends regretted telling me.

  4. out looking in

    Okay- we can eat sea urchin, eels, squid, octopus, any kind of fish or shellfish, rabbit, squirrel, possum, deer, elk, buffalo, cows, pigs, piglets, baby cows, hens, chickens, duck, turkey, etc….but no horse…makese sense to me…

  5. IDAHO

    Lots of horses get to go to Canada!!

  6. peeps

    Experimenting should be for new sexual positions and toys, not for eating other warm and fuzzy beings.

  7. out looking in

    I’m sure I had it without knowing it!! There was an “exotic game” store that my dad and sister used to shop in occassionally. They brought home the strangest stuff….WWWWWWWIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

  8. We probably originally gave up eating horse meat after domestication because they were a realtively scarce resource, and expensive to raise. Also, the Catholic church outlawed the eating of horses several times, possibly because they thought it was a pagan hangover (it certainly crops up in old Irish rites). Bit of a mystery then, that it’s now the Catholic areas of Europe that eat horses, and the Protestant parts which eschew it.
    Always be careful of your source though. Old riding/racing/leisure horses almost certainly contain veterinary drugs which are bad for humans. In theory, European horses now all come with a passport which states whether they can/should be consumed or not, but the passports are poorly enforced. A large number of American race- and other horses also end up in Europe, and they are chockful of medication, so beware!