I scream for ice cream

NPR is broadcasting (a repeat) show about the merits of “home made” ice cream. Which reminded me of a Riverside kid I’ve written about before, Ben Van Leeuwen, His superb ice cream can be found at Whole Foods, among other places – I recommend the ginger, which is sublime, but you can’t go wrong with strawberry, vanilla, and so forth. Great food.

I can’t get the video to load, but here’s the Wall Street Journal on Ben’s success.


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4 responses to “I scream for ice cream

  1. FedUp

    I believe the yellow trucks are now pretty much exclusively in NYC, but a couple of years back, there were a couple out here. Riverside playground and Bruce Park Playground were two places you could get the ice cream, and it was spectacular. Lovely fellow, as well. Glad he is doing well, and hope is he continues to do so.

  2. LLS 2

    He opened a shop here in Greenpoint BK and his truck (with CT license plates and a stamford address stenciled on the side) can be found all over the city in fashionable neighborhoods.

    hats off to the local boys that made good. no doubt helped by wealthy parents, but nonetheless successful.

    I recommend trying all of the flavors . they are delicious.

  3. EOS

    Can one sue a blogger for cruel and unusual punishment? I mean, talking about ice cream on such a dreary Friday. How fair is that? Especially when I presume you are readying your passport for Italy to say Vorrei un unico cono di gelato al cioccolato per favore.

    You go to WF for me, pay for a pint of Van Leeuwen’s coffee. I’ll meet you halfway from Bedford, let’s say the North Street hot dog truck. I pass off the cash, unmarked bills, and you promise never to taunt us again. Deal?

  4. Missing you

    Is it dreary over your way? I’m here in hazy HK missing the bright blue skies of Greenwich.