Jumping the gun

Unless the Food Mart’s catering to pumpkin chunker contestants who want to practice up for the November 5,6th shoot – off. (h/t, EOS – who knew?)


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6 responses to “Jumping the gun

  1. EOS

    this link is not right.

  2. EOS

    Buying pumpkins is a rookie mistake. Ya gotta grow your own.

    And if you are going to be a serious P.C. contender, you have to use proper terminology. Canon. No. Trebuchet. Yes.

    I smell a FWIW Team brewing.

  3. I regret to reveal that there is a Cambridge based psychiatrist, associated with Harvard Medical School, who graduated a year behind me.

    The reason for the year delay is that when he was my freshman year classmate, he got caught using a water balloon launcher I designed and built, which was holding New Haven under siege.

    • Bravo! I too learned that trick in New Haven, during a protest over the Bobby Seal trail in, I dunno, 1970? Someone gave me a molitov cocktail and I, in turn, handed it to some jokester next to me with directions to set fire to a dumpster planted near us on the green. I lighted it, he approached the dumpster and tossed it, and saw him clubbed to the ground by the National Guard.
      Yours was by far the more creative act and I applaud you, sir.

  4. Actually, the Yale administration appointed me as a student member to a special committee after the race riots, headed by none other than J. H. (Jock) Whitney himself, a Yale Corporation ember at the time, to get to the bottom of that matter on campus.

    Been there, done that. Oyster Bay is in trouble.