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Gas line explosion


Funny ha-ha: Greenwich has a number of these things and only a few months ago a client asked about the possibility of one blowing up. I told them I’d heard of such events but they were very rare. Judging from what happens when one does go up, I believe I was too sanguine.


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Sinawoy short sale

54 Sinawoy


54 Sinawoy was sold off yesterday for $1.119 million; not a bad price (for the buyer) for 2003 construction. Most impressive is the speed in which it went – pretty much 30 days. We’ve been seeing short sales take nine months and longer so this one was probably pre-packaged, meaning the homeowner reached a deal with his lender before putting the place on the market. That’s smart, because most buyers aren’t looking for a house nine months into the future. Assessment is $906,000.


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New Listing in NoPo


75 Old Orchard


 Old Orchard  

Asking $1.695 for newer (1999) construction.. Across from North Mianus School which is great if you have kids there, a traffic generator if not. But it’s in a nice NoPo neighborhood and if you can negotiate that price down a bit, could be a decent buy. Certainly worth looking at if you’re in this price range. Assessment is $1.139

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