Selling it

Pumpkin Patch

EOS says that, to engage in pumpkin chunking, one must grow his own. I used to do just that when I lived in Maine but when we moved to crowded little Riverside, I gave it up. Except for one year, when we gave over our entire yard to the vines and grew a whole batch of them. The girls, maybe 8 and ten then, set up their vegetable stand on the corner of William Street and Riverside Avenue and sold out immediately – even faster than the tomatoes, beans and squash they usually sold (which far out fetched whatever they might have made from a lemonade stand). I suggested to Nancy that I borrow a pick-up truck and head north for re-supply because I figured we’d make more from two little blonde girls selling “home-grown” pumpkins than I could earn as a lawyer. We never did it, but I was tempted.

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