Slow news day


Panicked woman attempts to open Jet Blue jet’s door during flight! I’m sorry the woman panicked (she apparently suffers from some anxiety disorder) but you can’t open an exit door while in flight. They open inward, for one, and the pressure difference between the cabin and the atmosphere outside means that door is going nowhere. Now if she’d tried burning a Koran, that might be a story worth reporting.

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  1. Old School Grump

    I was flying from New Zealand to Hawaii on a packed plane when a young man who was clearly messed up something (I had seen him waiting to board and just hoped he wasn’t seated next to me) tried to open the door and was immediately tackled and hauled off. Turned out that the puzzlingly large number of burly middle aged men packing the plane were flying to the States for an international Golden Oldies rugby championship. They made short work of him, and since they all knew each other and passed the word among themselves, the rest of us passengers in the back of Steerage got the scoop that the airline personnel were trying desperately to suppress. We all had a good insider laugh when the captain got on the PA system and asked if there was a medical professional on the plane. Then we all had a better laugh when a doctor identified herself and we watched her escort Mr Wrecked from the back of the plane to her row in … first class. But the joke was on all of us as the plane went back to Auckland after being close to three hours out. After 8 wasted hours total, we were en route again. The dude was arrested the instant he was led off the plane. I’d say this woman got off easy.