Some recorded sales

547 Lake Avenue is reported in the newspaper as sold for $4.5. So far as I can tell it was never on the Greenwich MLS, so I have no idea whether this was a good deal for the buyer or the seller. In the good old days, I believed that sellers shortchanged themselves when they skipped paying a commission and sold direct. These days, I suspect that it’s the buyers who are overpaying, but without knowing the details, I can’t say. If both parties are happy with their deal, then that’s great.

Same thing with 26 Mooreland, which sold for $5.850 million. Again, no record that it was ever exposed to the market.

By way of price reductions, I see that 33 Pleasant Street in Riverside, which started off in 2009 at $3 million, is now down to $2.395. I  think that’s still too high, but my tolerance for highway noise is low – you may disagree.


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2 responses to “Some recorded sales

  1. anon

    Maybe the seller listed the house on Craig’s List?

  2. out looking in

    yes anon, and it came with a “trip around the world”