This one will be interesting

45 Close Road

New listing on Close Road. In 2007 it sold almost instantly for  full price: $5.5 million, twice its assessment.  Back then, it was an 1800 cottage (3,100 sq. ft.) with 4+ acres and direct access to Wilshire Pond. The buyer did a ton of work to it but bumped the house out to just 3,500 sq. ft.. She has now put it back on the market at $7.9 million. Can you get that much for 3,500 sq. ft? Maybe, because it’s a great setting. I’m looking forward to seeing it at its broker open house next Tuesday. I’m guessing it will be gorgeous.


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10 responses to “This one will be interesting

  1. fred cruising on I40

    looks like a 4m teardown. lol!

  2. EOS

    Is the road pronounced as in ‘Glenn’ or as in shut the door?

  3. Casey Jones

    Thanks for your comments….hope your visit meets your expectations. See you then !

  4. EOS

    A tad OT: In today’s Bedford Record Review is a full page ad for Raveis opening up shop in Katonah. I also noted Raveis is selling houses way the heck up in our RI neck of the woods. Are they making some move to go nationwide? They are good. I’d love to know the scoop.

  5. Close Rd

    Glen Close relative was town resident.

  6. different fred

    Pronounced like “in close proximity” and not close the door.