Trouble in Paradise?

Obama is no longer wearing his wedding ring.


HEH: “Maybe it was dropped in the fires of Mount Doom…”


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5 responses to “Trouble in Paradise?

  1. Anonymous

    Others are opining that he’s lost weight, but I’m guessing that his ring-finger has gotten fatter and that’s why the ring no longer fits.

  2. I sure hope Mr. and Mrs. O. are splitsville. It’s wonderful when marriages falter, when families that seem wholesome and loving degenerate into Instapundit fodder. I’ll be spending the weekend praying for scandalous details.

    You sure have an eclectic blog, CF.

  3. out looking in

    This is ridiculous..I stopped wearing my wedding ring when it NO LONGER FIT, because I put on an extra 20 lbs and whenever I had a salty meal, my hands swelled up. Don’t peops have better things to talk about? Guess not..

  4. No worries mate

    He’s having it resized because his skin has gotten so thin.

  5. Anonymous

    thrice abandoned,
    uncertain paternity,
    and some fundamental self definition issues, in Barry’s own words:

    chatter about a “special Brokeback Mountain type relationship” with Presidential personal trainer Reggie Love pissing off Michelle Sasquatch Obama and straining the marriage.

    “Reginald L. Love (born June 21, 1981) serves as the special assistant and personal aide, commonly referred to as body man, to United States President Barack Obama…. As Obama’s aide, he has to anticipate any and all of Obama’s needs.”

    it ain’t Camelot; it could be Mount Doom.