Well, they charge more for babies

Pal Nancy, vacationing on the Cape, tells me that they’re charging $12 a pound for lobster to the tourists. ShopRite and Stew Leonards have them for $4.99 down here, so someone is trying to milk the final drops from the vacation crowd. Next week, Cape Cod lobsters should be selling for wholesale, which is probably two bucks.


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5 responses to “Well, they charge more for babies

  1. db

    Charging stupid money for lobster isn’t new. Anyone that has had a Maine lobster that arrived right off the boat will tell you there is a difference in lobster, a major difference.

    Cape Cod lobster is, I’m sure, just a ripoff on the rich tourists. Capitalism at it’s best.

  2. Anonymous

    You can’t compare low-rent places like Stew Leonards and ShopRite with tourist spots on Cape Cod. Apples and oranges. I’m surprised you even tried to.

  3. out looking in

    Knowing Mass., there is a $8/lb per lobster tax on roadside sellers!!

  4. New Buyer

    Just left the Cape. She is shopping in the wrong spots. $7 a pound for small chicks & $8 a pound for 2-3lb lobstas at a local fish shop.

  5. Old School Grump

    In recent trips to Maine (greater Portland area) I’ve been disappointed by the unavailability (at any price) of local picked crabmeat. I’ve been told that it has disappeared from the retail market because it was a side business for the fishermen’s wives, working in their own kitchens, that was effectively shut down by some relatively new “health code regs.” I find this believable, but is it accurate? Anyone know of any alternative sources?