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Ground Zero: is there room for neutrality?

Today saw protests for and against the idea of a mosque two blocks from the site where the Twin Towers stood. I’ve decided ( as though that makes any difference whatsoever) that I prefer our country’s guarantee of religious freedom over anger against the madmen who caused this catastrophe. It’s a close call, to me, but the article I’ve linked to quotes a muslim who claims to be neutral. For so long as muslims remain “neutral” towards terrorists, anger and even hatred will come their way. There is a limit to tolerance.


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Idiot kids

Swastika painted on Greenwich street. Moronic teenagers to blame, apparently. Their grandparents did far worse, with silent bans on Jews buying in town, but we’re supposed to be advancing, not returning to a bleak past.

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Pete Fornatale on WFUV

Pete’s got a pretty good 9/11 program assembly of songs , both before and after 9/11, going on at the internet station (the radio station at 90.7 has been preempted by Fordham football). Music can speak like nothing else, and Fornatale’s doing it.

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Gotta love the Professor

Amen, brother.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Clever Burglars Using Facebook To Learn When It’s Safe To Rob Your Home. Well, since if they break in while I’m here they’ll likely be shot, this is probably smart.

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Sawdust and glue = $$$$

Bob’s Discount Furniture chief buys $8.5  million Boston penthouse.


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And why were they wasting their time this way anyway?

Students assembled for show on the importance of donating blood instead saw porn from staffer’s flash drive. Kids will figure out sex on their own; blood drives? Leave the students in math class.

PITTSBURGH (AP) — Officials in a western Pennsylvania school district are apologizing after they say students at a local high school were accidentally shown pornographic pictures during a school assembly.

More than 400 seniors at Norwin High School, about 25 miles east of Pittsburgh, were watching a presentation Friday on the importance of donating blood. School officials say ”a few pornographic pictures” on a personal flash drive of a Central Blood Bank representative appeared on the screen.

The Central Blood Bank apologized and said the unnamed employee was suspended indefinitely. School officials apologized and said the police department and prosecutor were notified. A blood-donation presentation for the junior class was canceled.


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On a much lighter note

UConn 62, Texas [Something] 3. Life must go on.

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9/11 tribute

From Anonymous


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Watch for these idiots’ arrest

NYT: Couple sues after finding used tampon in cereal box. I understand how some low-lifes could come up with a scheme like this, but what lawyer is dumb enough to join them in their plot?


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I once thought this was funny

Green Police invading the United States.

In a growing number of cities across the U.S., local governments are placing computer chips in recycling bins to collect data on refuse disposal, and then fining residents who don’t participate in recycling efforts and forcing others into educational programs meant to instill respect for the environment.


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Why I still like the NYT

Here’s a great article on Lee Kuan Yew, founder of modern Singapore. It’s utterly fascinating to me, because I really know nothing about Singapore, other than the Brit’s  failure to defend it in World War II. Now I have to learn up on it.


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