Brave, or ignorant, people

InstaPundit reader at Tea Party rally

Thousands attend Tea Party rally underneath the St. Louis Arch, which is in danger of falling down.

Almost 45 years into its reign atop the St. Louis skyline, the 630-foot monument is suffering from growing rust and decay. And nobody knows how extensive.

Corrosion, some of it feared aggressive, and severe discoloration of the stainless steel skin have long been present, according to engineering reports reviewed by the Post-Dispatch.

The documents and interviews with metallurgists indicate that the remedy could be as minor as an “expensive” surface cleaning or as elaborate as a full-blown restoration. One report, completed in 2006, called for a deeper study, for which the National Park Service says it only recently obtained funding.


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5 responses to “Brave, or ignorant, people

  1. EOS

    The heck with the arch, I’m concerned about the Tea Party. Their negative-against-everything mentality is most unappealing, IMO. They call their events “protests” rather than rallies. They have money too, alot of it, funding candidates who, in many cases like Delaware, are running against mainstream and qualified candidates. Tea Party $ got Scott Brown got elected. Look where that got us. Maybe the best thing that could happen today is if the arch falls and knocks some common sense into these voters.

    • Oh, I completely disagree with you, EOS. The Tea Party folks are about individual freedom and limited government which is, to my mind, exactly what our founders espoused. What you see as “negative, against anything” is really a call to return to our roots. You can be opposed to our present government: lobbyists, pork, massive federal spending, deficits etc. and still be for a lot of positive things.

  2. Pesky Truth

    “Individual freedom and limited government”?

    1. Exactly how is their “individual freedom” being threatened? Please be specific.

    2. Re: limited government, where were they while Bush was vastly expanding Medicare, the national debt, etc? Watching American Idol?

    This is a movement that began the moment Obama was sworn in. They have zero credibility.

    • Pesky, they (and I) were doing a slow burn during eight years of Bush. The freaking Republicans, who we’d voted for, holding our noses, as a better alternative than the Demmerkrats, spent like drunken sailors and were, in general, a horrible disappointment. Then Obama came in, and was even worse! The anger that exploded was, to my mind, a pent up surge, and the demand to take both parties down an entirely understandable result. To me – not to you, but that’s why we have elections.

  3. EOS

    I’m all for individual freedom, limited government and returning to our roots but you wouldn’t catch me joining the Tea Party to accomplish that. I’m saying the messengers are wrong – not the message. I want Obama out of office as much as you but I fear the TP is backing candidates who have zero experience but who talk the talk. Scott Brown talked but he sure as hell didn’t walk the walk.

    I agree with one thing Pesky said: TP has zero credibility.