Do I really need a spaghetti spoon?

The Professor insists I do, but at $29, I have to ask, are you friggin’ kidding me? I have an aluminum colander that my father bought just after WW II, and it works just fine.


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12 responses to “Do I really need a spaghetti spoon?

  1. I hanker for an icing spatula just like mom’s, but they want $30 for them at Williams Sonoma and they are the only folks selling them…. na… I’ll use a knife…

  2. What is the purported advantage of a spaghetti spoon?

    I’m definitely in the Colander Fan Club, so we now agree on two or three things in the universe, CF.

  3. ed krumeich

    You use the pasta fork and the colander to make perfect pasta. I think I bought mine at the A&P for much less than $ 29.

    As a side note, it looks like the Greenwich A&P is closing based on the real estate sign it sported yesterday.

  4. Retired IB'er

    But that last 10% makes all the difference…

  5. EOS, all I got in your links were icing spatulas. But good heavens, you can pick up a plastic spaghetti spoon for three or four bucks at your neighborhood grocery. I just got one at Zabar’s as part of a pretty nice 5-tool set for $19.

    Miss your blog, BTW. Glad to see you’re still on this one–

  6. wow EOS thank you… I’m stoked.

  7. EOS

    Al, the links were for Lorin who said she wished she had an icing spatula like her mother’s. Sorry for the confusion.

    And gee, thanks for a nod to the blog.

  8. Mr. Independent

    My wife found one of her mom’s measuring tablespoons from the 1930’s. It holds about two-thirds as much as her newer ones. Is that why we’re all having trouble watching our wight, and why old recipes often don’t taste right, when we use the new measuring stuff?