Eating ugly fish

After considering that I’m cooking monkfish tonight. it occurred to me to look up recipes for sea robins, the ugliest, meanest fish available here in Long Island Sound (one tore off the tip of a leather boot worn by now-deceased boyhood friend, Milton Kramer). I’ve long known that their tails were reputed to be tasty, but the one time I brought one home to try that theory, I blanched, and tossed it. According to this Google search, I should have persevered.

Good article here.

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  1. FlyAngler

    Interesting question. I recall party boat fishing as a kid in the 70s and skates were considered a nuisance fish. Some of the black fisherman would keep them but we tossed them back. I discovered skate wings in the mid80s at the green market in Union Square in Manhattan. At that point i learned the wisdom of the fisherman who kept skates earlier. Today skate costs as much as fluke or flounder.

    As for robins, my kids love to catch them to hear them grunt. I am endlessly amazed at what an ugly creature it is with its armored head, barbles, and wings. I have never kept them for the table but strips from their bellies make excellent fluke strip baits. Very tough skin keeps it one the hook. However, I have never eaten one so cant vouch for the taste.