Greenwich A&P closing?

That’s what Ed Krumeich thinks, in a comment he posted below (Ed was weighing in on spaghetti spoons, and tossed this tidbit in as an aside). Somewhere on the web there’s a story about A&P being sold and stores shut, so this sounds right. To be honest, while I’ll be sorry if the employees there lose their jobs, I ‘m not surprised. I spent two years shopping there with an elderly friend and, while the employees were exceptionally friendly and helpful, I was not impressed with the store itself. It’s small, cramped, lacks half of what a modern supermarket like the Stamford ShopRite offers, and the prices were high. My friend liked shopping there and knew the layout, so I never tried moving her to another store, but I’ll bet younger shoppers have found better choices.


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29 responses to “Greenwich A&P closing?

  1. Now maybe that can finally fix the front of that bldg

    Somebody must have been paid off to let that front extension get put on 20 plus years ago-what a crappy looking parking lot and addition.

  2. Pierre Bergé, Nom de Plume

    Once upon a time, this site was proposed for the Central Fire Station, oui? Maybe not too late, non?

  3. Cos Cobber

    The store that has always bothered me the most in town is the Riverside A&P. Mgmt has been rude to us on multiple occasions. I wouldnt mine seeing that location change hands. Although the Riverside A&P’s footprint is a bit too big, Trader Joe’s would be welcome by me.

    Circling back to the Greenwich A&P, it looks like a natural location for a car dealership. I give the odds of another food purveying stepping in 50/50, meanwhile it seems like several of the Greenwich auto dealers could use more space.

    I wonder what pain Fairway Market will inflict.

  4. Kidding Really??

    We could use a new bank! Maybe a “Super Bank”?!!

  5. Maximus

    Greenwich food stores blow. Whole Foods is the best but the parking lot is so cramped. The rest of the stores are old and awful. Darien won by having the best whole foods in the area. Greenwich deserves better.

  6. Cos Cobber

    two thoughts.

    I was stunned to find the new Whole Foods in Darien sparsely populated a couple Saturdays ago. Perhaps I caught an off day, but if what I saw is the norm, I dont see anymore grand new Whole Foods stores coming to the area. There was activity, but nothing like I expected. I expected something close to Stew Leonards madness and it wasnt even a 1/5th of that.

    thought #2. David Malpass to make a serious bid against Gillibrand?

  7. Old School Grump

    Help this feeble-minded but nostalgic ex-resident place the store you are talking about … is it the Food Emporium at Putnam and Brookside?

  8. Anonymous

    “As a side note, it looks like the Greenwich A&P is closing based on the real estate sign it sported yesterday.”

    What sign? What does it say?

    Not another supermarket gone, please! First the Cos Cob Food Mart, then the Banksville IGA. Now the Greenwich A&P? Say it ain’t so. They just put a ton of money into that place last summer, and I thought that business had really perked up there since then.

    Of course having to push a full shopping cart up a steep hill was never much of an attraction of that location.

  9. Peter

    Fairway Market opens a new 70,000 square foot store in Stamford by the raiway station Nov. 1!–all other markets will decline as shoppers see what the worlds best food store is all about–

  10. EOS

    I go out of my way to shop at independent markets. Yes, they are more expensive but they tend to be employee owned so if something isn’t right, there’s the owner to talk to, not just a “manager”. Scotts Corner Market in Pound Ridge is one such example. I also use Korean markets for produce, a butcher for meats, and a fish market for (monk)fish. It means alot of stops and probably double the bottom line but I feel it’s my obligation to support the mom and pops out there. Speaking of monkfish, how was that recipe last night?

    • EOS – it was eaten with enthusiasm but, to my taste, not an A+. I suspect the other three diners were just grateful for not having had to cook, but I thought the vegetables came out too soggy – no doubt my fault, not the recipe’s – and the fish kind of tough. I’d give it a B. Improved technique on my part could move it to a A. So in this case, blame the cook.

  11. dogwalker

    Cramped? Variety? When I moved back to Greenwich from Manhattan some years back, it amazed me to think how much variety the Manhattan grocery stores pack into every square foot of shelf. I couldn’t figure out what the problem was out here . . . except unimaginative, unresponsive personnel. They certainly have the space even in the small stores (which are at least twice as big as any in midtown Manhattan).

    I’m with those waiting for Fairways . . . and dreaming of a closer Trader Joe’s!

  12. Gwichy

    The A&P is awful, I agree with your assessment. I hope it’s a Trader Joe’s or an expanded Whole Foods and not another car lot.

    Just another case of a company opening a store in a so called “rich town” that thinks it is license to steal.

  13. EOS

    I swore off Fairway since having RATS scurry underfoot last time there. I’ve only been in one Trader Joe and I can’t remember it enough to know what makes it different, or trip-worthy. Who can give me the 411 on TJ?

    • EOS, people whose taste I respect adore Trader Joe’s, which is in Darien. From my few visits, I remain unimpressed. We could have had one in Cos Cob, rumor has it, when the Food Mart shut down, but rather than rent the place to a competitor, the family rented to yet another CVS. I can’t fault them from a business POV, but I’d have been curious to give the store a real trial.

  14. Stump

    I’m with those who don’t see anything special about Trader Joe’s. I’ve been to the Darien store a handful of times and can’t understand why anyone would rave about it.

  15. Cos Cobber

    Trader Joe sells inexpensive organic and/or independent food company products relying heavily on dried, canned and frozen goods. They dont carry an extensive fresh produce and meats selection.

    Trader Joes is kind of a cheap chic organics/natural foods.

  16. Cos Cobber

    Trader Joe’s isnt for everyone. Its a niche store.

  17. rosst

    You good folks moan about the A&P in Greenwich? If you want really bad, try the A&P in Armonk – a selection that must bring fond smiles to any Soviet emigres in the area..

  18. WaitingToBuy

    The real estate sign clearly states it is for the rear part of the property/building, not the A&P

  19. Red

    I have not yet recovered from the loss of the Cos Cob Food Mart, but I am very excited about Fairway’s arrival. The original store at 74th & Broadway was cramped, and filled with tiny but aggressive old ladies who used shopping carts as battering rams. Brings back good memories.

  20. RiversideGuy

    Folks, I think the sign is for the old WGCH building which is owned by A&P. Amazing how the opinions fly around here based on some mistaken assumptions.

  21. Global Macro

    The point about Trader Joe’s is that they sell high quality food at 30-40% less than the competition. Their nuts and dried fruits are great. They also carry a fair amount of hard-to-find European food items, again at incredibly low prices.

  22. Cos Cobber


    I dont think letting our opinions fly on a faceless regional food store chain represents a meaningful rush to judgment. We are having fun here sounding off on a woeful operation.

  23. Anonymous

    Trader Joe’s…….everything they sell is LOADED with sodium(an or potassium)…..if you have a blood pressure problem: STAY AWAY!

  24. Greenwich Gal

    You guys have no idea! The stores here BITE! Talk to me after you’ve shopped in a Publix or Harris Teeter where you can get your gourmet fancy stuff, artisanal cheese and foccacia and also clorox and diet coke in bulk.

  25. towny

    A+P has been in Greenwich for at least 50 years.

    They used to be located on the Ave, just a few stores up from the old cinema/new apple. Then they were across and down the street in the middle of the Putnam restaurant block. Food Mart opened there after AP relocated to its current home on W Putnam. AP owns Food Emporium as well.

    Greenwich Gal…..I always shop at Publix on the Galt Mile……fort lauderdale.

    Pathmark in port chester is ok too.