Igor grows to a Category 4 hurricane

Nothing predicted before next weekend, but worth keeping an eye on. It seems destined to slam into the east coast, unless pushed out to sea.


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2 responses to “Igor grows to a Category 4 hurricane

  1. From Jeff Masters Blog:


    shows that about 15% of all tropical cyclones that have existed at Igor’s current position have gone on to hit the U.S. East Coast; these odds are about 10% for Bermuda and 10% for Canada. The forecast steering pattern for the period 5 – 12 days from now from the ECMWF and GFS models shows a continuation of the pattern we’ve seen all hurricane season, with regular strong troughs of low pressure moving off the U.S. East Coast. This pattern favors Igor eventually recurving out to sea without affecting any land areas. Recent runs of the ECMWF model indicate that these troughs may not be as intense as previously thought, so it is possible Igor has a higher chance than usual to hit land than climatology suggests. One wild card may be the possible development of TD 12 behind Igor. If TD 12 develops into a hurricane, and moves close to Igor, as some of the models are suggesting, the two hurricanes could rotate around a common center, forcing Igor more towards the coast of the U.S. The long term fate of Igor is difficult to predict at this point.