Update on idiot kids

A homeowner power-washed the swastika painted on a Greenwich street, and the town has painted it over. The best use of overtime I can think of. But I also applaud our First Selectman, Peter Tesei, who suggests that, if the morons are caught, they be sentenced to sitting down with a Holocaust survivor and learning what it was all about. Failing that, they should watch all 30 hours of War and Remembrance. It’s too much to ask that they read the book, alas, but the movie will light up their  few brain cells.


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6 responses to “Update on idiot kids

  1. The Duke of Deception

    Reread W of W and W and R this summer. Recommended the latter recently to an idiot who was bashing Israel and told him if you read you’ll agree with me: for Chrissakes, just leave them alone!

    Oh, and Wouk is simply a brilliant writer.

  2. Maximus

    There are 6 million reasons those kids should learn about the Holocaust and the harm they caused.

  3. dogwalker

    and every movie about the Holocaust and every bit of news footage. (I have images of Clockwork Orange going through my head.)

  4. Fred2

    What makes you think they don’t know and just wanted to offend people, or a certain person.

    Minor vandalism charge, please.

    Otherwise it’s like giving someone 10 more years incarceration because something was deemed “a hate crime”.
    A concept that’s legally offensive and stupid. The crime is, why you did it basically irrelevant.

  5. My rant

    It is especially painful when these things linger on due to the pure ignorance of youth.

  6. angry fred

    yeppers. though it was just a marking in the street, with no known reason to beleive it was nazi? the swastika has been around along time before the nazis picked it up.